Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project overview 

Beginning in 2007, the City of Wray Wastewater Treatment Facility experienced difficulties meeting cold weather ammonia and BOD discharge limits as well as organic loading limits due to an outdated lagoon treatment system.  In 2014, design began of a facility to address these issues, as well as meet 20 year load growth. Hydro Construction built the new facility that was brought online in late 2017 and completed in early 2018. Debris de-watering system, Moving Bed Bioreactor, Flocculation Tank, and   Disk Filtration system are all new features that that were added during the project that aid in the water cleaning process.

Benefits of the WWTF project include: 

  • Doubled the water treatment capacity. 
  • Upgraded component monitoring system. 
  • Upgraded automated mechanisms. 
  • Lowered the amount of organic and inorganic material in the clean water discharge.

Wastewater Treatment Process Flow Chart