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Growing Readers Together at the Wray Public Library

The7d108d65-1772-4625-ad2a-62db8aa3b6cc-LibGrowingReadersToge Wray Public Library is one of the 22 libraries in Colorado to participate in this grant project.  This grant sparked by the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation, provides early literacy activities and resources for family, friends, and neighbors who care for children under the age of 6.  We are excited to be offering early literacy kits to these unlicensed day care providers.  Please stop by the library to inquire how to be part of this exciting project this year!

Musical INSTRUMENT lending program 

Music Lending Program at Wray Public Library (1)

You can now check out a guitar or a baritone ukulele at the Wray Public Library!

Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection


The Friends of Wray Public Library invested in adding more newspapers to the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection with support from the Wray Museum and East Yuma County Historical Society .    Currently on the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection are issues of the Wray Gazette and the Wray Rattler.  You will continue to see the local collection grow to: The Wray Gazette 1904-1919 and 1923-1963 (unfortunately issues of the Wray Gazette from 1919-1923  were lost to a fire), The Wray Rattler 1898-1949.  The Wray Weekly Times 1898-1901, Eckley Tribune 1919-1942 and the Colorado Patriot 1925-1927.   If you enjoyed this story, log on and check out more local news from the past!  chnc