Gallery of the Wray Museum (rotating exhibit)

On Display

This year Wray is celebrating a couple of important event anniversaries; the excavation of the Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site which started 50 years ago and 30 years ago the town of Wray became an All American City in 1993. These events prompted the staff to look at other big events over the last century and came up with exhibits in the rotating galley that reflected the past from 1893 to 1993 at 20 year intervals.

  • 1893   Rosenkrans Ranch and the gowns of Violet Rosenkrans
  • 1913   The Lincoln Highway and Edwardian driving gear and wooden wheel hubcaps
  • 1933   Depression era textiles and clothing made from feed, flour, and sugar sacks
  • 1953   The Forgotten War-Military uniforms of local servicemen and women from the Korean Conflict 
  • 1973    Fashion of the 1970s
  • 1993    Wray an All-American City