Fire & Rescue Department


The Wray Fire and Rescue Department has the strength of thirty-five volunteer firefighters, and operates twelve firefighting units.  

Mission & Partnerships

The mission of the department is the preservation and protection of life and property from and during fires which may occur within the City of Wray and the surrounding adjacent districts. This includes mutual aid agreements within the state and the surrounding adjacent districts of Dundy County, Nebraska, and Cheyenne County, Kansas. 

Service Area

Our service area includes residential, commercial and rural areas. The department is a non-profit organization and is operated by the support of the community and grants.  The Wray Volunteer Fire and Rescue responds on average to approximately 75 to 80 calls per service year. Call 911 for emergency response.

Services Provided

The Wray Fire Department provides fire prevention, extrication, and fire suppression, emergency medical care, fire prevention and education in the community, including yearly events held at the Wray Elementary School, Wray Child Care Center, and Wray Public Library.  

Fundraising For Equipment & Repairs

The Wray Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department holds an annual "King of the Grill" BBQ contest the third weekend in March followed by a fundraising auction with items donated by the community. BBQ contestants must register in advance and the community is welcome to purchase a meal ticket to sample the delicious meal. 

The Fire Department also sponsors fundraising events during the City of Wray’s yearly Wray Daze summer celebration, along with a golf tournament held at the Wray Country Club. Funds raised are used to purchase equipment and make repairs as needed.

Pride in Service

The Wray Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is proud to serve its wonderful community in which they live.


  • Bret Anderson
  • Josh Barr
  • Tyler Boppre
  • Nick Brunswig
  • Mason Chamberlain
  • Chris Collins
  • Greg Collins
  • Brian Dickson 
  • Tim Entzel  
  • Heath Fecht
  • Jeremy Fisher
  • Curtis Flores
  • Nathan Gillham
  • Matt Hardesty
  • Mike Kerbs  
  • Omar Martinez
  • Tony Martinez
  • Cesar Mendoza  
  • Cliff Merritt  
  • Tim Nelson               


  • Nick Newton
  • Brandt Northrup
  • Gregg Pariset
  • Chad Rockwell
  • Daniel Southards
  • Justin Stone
  • Garrett Travis
  • Ryan Travis
  • Nick Webster 
  • Colby Wilson